Hollywood….My Opinion

This may be a controversial post for my comeback but here goes…..

Rose McGowan made this comment regarding Bill Cosby

“It was a white cottage industry. Everyone who worked with him are aiding and abetting a crime. These are the fuckers I’m going after”

By that sentiment isn’t that exactly what she has done?? McGowan accepted money in exchange for silence for 20 YEARS.

Just to point out I am not in any way trying to discredit her ordeal nor any other woman who has come forward and I hope justice is finally done for every single woman.

What I am having a problem with is that the elite of Hollywood, both male and female, knew all about this and did absolutely nothing. It is clear at this stage they were not rumours and were complicit in hiding it.

The most powerful people in Hollywood stayed silent whilst young, vulnerable actresses and backstage crew were being abused trying to make a living.

These women don’t make millions, they rely on their pay cheque to live week to week in this affluent area run by celebrities.

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep just name a very small handful. Where were they when it mattered? These people have had powerful and influential voices for many years. Brad Pitt dated and then married 2 actresses who admit to having bad experiences with Harvey Weinstein. I think Angelina Jolie has made the most positive comment when saying that she refused to work with Weinstein ever again and made sure to warn others.

One of the good ones but it wasn’t enough.

These vulnerable women had no voice. They were told to keep quiet or risk losing their respect and job, not just by the ones abusing but by many many well known and respected people throughout Hollywood.

McGowan, for years stopped an expose on the murky world of Hollywood. Why?

Was it so she could get her book finished following her ailing career knowing a scandal like this would catapult it onto the Time number best seller list?

It seems to me she has only found her voice and become a “feminist” in the lead up to this book being released.

I could not stand next to my abuser knowing he is doing the same to many other women and I could not do it with a smile on my face.

If standing up for myself and other women to stop abuse ruined my career then it was never the right path for me.

I think the point I am trying to make is that I think it is disappointing and disgraceful that the most powerful people in Hollywood kept quiet in order to make their millions.

Although it is fantastic that this has all finally been exposed #rosearmy is the wrong platform.

She knew all these women were being abused and stayed silent whilst furthering her career for 20 YEARS.

The other problem is that I feel #rosearmy has turned into a witch hunt condemning every male. and I think soon every man will feel afraid to even say hello to a woman, shake her hand or even give her a little kiss on the cheek to say hello. The more that is coming out the more it will impact genuine male/female friendships in both the real world and the business world without fear of being accused for a slip of a hand or a comment made.

The women who have come forward are so brave and I mean that with all my heart. I haven’t been so brave but please don’t thank Rose McGowan. She was a massive factor in allowing this to go on. She knew for 20 YEARS standing next to a man who was systematically abusing vulnerable women smiling without a care in the world. And now she has a book to promote.

The sexual predators need to be stopped, I am just very saddened that it has taken Rose McGowan, a book deal and 20 years to speak out. At this moment in time Hollywood should be ashamed and embarrassed by what they have helped cover up.

This might not be a popular opinion but is mine.