Twenty-somethings Vs Thirty-somethings


I have been watching this Elle Darby debacle from afar and first thoughts were, yes the hotel owner is completely out of order, but having read the response from Elle I sadly now have a different opinion.

I want start by saying I’m not “trolling” or “Cyberbullying” I am simply giving my opinion as a 35 year old working woman.

Paul Stenson’s reaction was very unprofessional but as I do with all my potential clients, I did some research. It was apparent early on, just a few clicks, that this man has a reputation for calling people out and the approach made by Elle was like taking candy from a baby.

Paul took his chance and ran with it. He has since been featured over many platforms, both print and digital, all for sharing a controversial post he knew the young world of bloggers would jump on.

I use email marketing and social media for my business almost exclusively, I know I’m 35 how dare I!

Having done a bit of research I would have taken a different approach with this business and stayed at the hotel incognito and done an expose on the vile man who runs the place, or found out that it really is a wonderful place and ask him at the end if he would like some exposure. Come on, you’re a professional businesswoman surely you can afford a break away, surely you have a budget set aside for marketing and travelling?


I honestly thought the email came across as unprofessional with little thought put into it. Almost a copy and paste style email I used to send starting out. Asking for a freebie without a conversation over the phone or at least a few email exchanges. To be clear you did ask for asked for FREE accomodation with no mention of a discounted stay.

His reply, while absolutely awful, did have some valid points. I have lent my services to quite a number of bloggers on the understanding I would get fantastic coverage across social media and while I got the odd tweet any bookings came from my own self promotion. In fact the only “influencing” I experienced was bloggers asking for my services for free!! Their budget just can’t stretch that far but they promise long term benefits because their first event will go viral. More out of research and a nice night away, all paid for by me, I do the event.

When I do an event for free it can cost me anything between £100 -£250. In my line of work it is imperative I set aside a budget each year for marketing and offering freebies is a part of that strategy.

Interesting fact. I share my free events, around 6 per year, across two markets, the bloggers and charities and I get so much more interaction and future bookings from the charities I work with. They are so gracious and really understand the costs of me providing my services for free whereas, and I don’t mean to seem harsh here, the blogging community can’t seem to wait to see what is in their goody bag and taking selfies.

Every credit to Elle for having the ball’s to ask for a freebie outright. I personally would have expected a similar response albeit without the nastiness. A polite thanks but no thanks detailing the reasons why would have sufficed, but as I said Paul saw this as an opportunity to turn it into a positive for his hotel.

Regarding the Independent article I completely agree and I have often managed to get free spots at exhibitions and fayres because of my USP and the feature it provides at events, I just think she approached it all wrong without building up a working relationship first.

A media savvy person does their research and I think in this situation Elle unfortunately hasn’t come out on top. At the end of the day this can be put down to a bad day at the office, we all have them, look at the Zoella advent calendar scandal!

I was going to let it go and put it down to the fact that we all make mistakes and she is actually doing very well which I admire in any ambitious person, whatever they are doing.


A little way into her vlog she brings up the fact that any negative comment has come from the over 30’s and yes I have seen the follow up video, oh sorry Vlog, I went old school!!

She says she isn’t ageist but is literally despairing with her head in her hands at “older people” telling us that just because she can work from home at 22 anyone over 30 with a 9-5 job hasn’t aspired to their dreams. You did say that, you can’t deny it. Hey I’m not stupid and times have changed but I know people in their 50’s and 60’s who can run rings around me on Social Media. Never underestimate the older person, they have more life skills, knowledge and experience than any twenty-something or even thirty-something. Don’t get me wrong I did and said some outrageous things in my early twenties and I was always told, remember that in ten years time, your life can change in a day. How true.

I worked from the age of 14 in a bakery, hotels, corner shops saving hard for my dreams. Did I enjoy the 9-5 job, hell yes, it gave me life skills and experience with people from all walks of life and paid for me to live in America. I did this at 18 on my own and travelled the full West Coast and the full bredth of America ending up in New York were sadly I witnessed 9/11. A very sombre time for an 18 year old. Or anyone.

All I have to say is I paid for that whole experience myself and worked while I was there to pay for my experience. I wasn’t sat in my bedroom making Vlogs hoping to get enough hits for a free meal or stay in a hotel.

I have got nothing bad to say about bloggers and vloggers as they really have taken the world by storm, and are at a young age making good money. At least they are not scrounging of the state, but that’s a whole other issue. I know for a fact the hard work that goes into each post, a post that actually makes money anyway.

Without going on anymore, Elle, are you a 22 year old girl or a professional business woman?? Or, are you every time you get called out use anxiety and bullying as an excuse? You didn’t seem to be suffering from anxiety when you were calling out everyone over the age of 30.

Anxiety is not to be taken lightly but I think every time a blogger gets called out the word Anxiety is used several times in each post/vlog/instagram. If I put something out there I expect the comments back either positive or negative and I take them on the chin. Free speech, we all have our own opinion and if you put your opinion out there for the world to see expect a reaction. Personally for me, people suffering anxiety cannot cope with this, Zoella springs to mind in this particular thought. The phrase is used to easily. Accept you have mucked up, move on and stop blaming anyone over the age of 30. I saw some nasty comments don’t get me wrong but you have chosen your line of work and you have to accept the reaction when you have basically insulted over half the population. If this has upset you so much try working in a hotel or behind a shop counter and dealing with your anxiety when you encounter a difficult customer. You can’t hide behind a Vlog and turn of comments then.

I wish all the millenials well and hope you continue to make money but never underestimate the 35 year old events planner and 59 year old plumber. We work our arse off, maybe not to the dizzying heights of the Vloggers, Do we enjoy it? Yes we do (maybe Mario not so much, but who would unblock your toilet!) I’ve enjoyed every minute of my journey and it allows me to leave my bedroom on occasion.



My Friday Feeling Tea!!

Hi Everyone!

After a couple of weeks of looking after stressed out brides and bridesmaids my Sunday Reading post will be the second in my Hen Party Series and will be about how to plan a stress free hen party. Everyone talks about Wedding Season but these last few weeks I think I have experienced my very own Hen Party Season!

I wouldn’t have it any other way, I just love the feeling I get when I have helped someone with an important part of their special day.

My other passion is cooking and I thought I would fit a quick recipe post in between Party Planning!

I have had a super busy day packing orders, responding to emails and continuing with various stages of wedding planning so when my lovely man told me he fancied a nice home cooked meal, as opposed to our usual quickie Fish Friday at Wetherspoons it was the last thing on my mind…..But my man works so hard (in a very physical job) and is so brilliant to me. He works his own job then comes home and works with me on our business without question and never moans. The least I can do is make sure he has a home cooked meal after a hard days work.

My passion for cooking came from meeting Mr Seaside, before that I was strictly a cocktails and pizza girl but that would never work in this relationship and now I am a career girl/housewife!! The man changed my life and I love him!!

Anyway I digress I just wanted to share the yummy recipe I whipped up because it really was just delicious!

Friday is our fish theme so I popped down to our local market and treated us to tuna steaks from the fish counter. I am also Budget Girl so this really was a treat. i then used the rest of our local shops to buy the veg, salad and of course the wine! I believe in using local businesses and supporting them.

Anyway here is the recipe for my marinated tuna steak!


2 tuna steaks (if you are on a budget Iceland do them for a good price frozen)


For Marinade

60mls orange juice

60mls soy sauce

2 tbsp parsley

1/2 tsp oregano

1 tbsp lemon juice

Black pepper to taste


Mix all the marinade ingredients and place in large dish. Add tuna and turn a couple of times to coat. Place in fridge for at least 30 mins.

While this is in the fridge I like to prepare a salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Here’s how I do it.

Cut up finely any salad items you want to add and then mix the following for the dressing;

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard (add more according to taste)

1tsp honey (again add more to taste)

salt and pepper

Mix together in a bottle or use whisk and drizzle over salad.

Once tuna is ready add a little oil to a frying pan and add tuna, fry for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Turn over and baste with the marinade and fry for a further 3-5 mins.

Your meal  is now ready!! Serve with new potatoes and salad. To make it extra tasty add salt and butter to your potatoes…..YUMMY!

The lovely Mr Seaside more than approved and so did our cat!! Gourmet meal for Beau. I also made too many potatoes much to our chickens delight, seems to be their favourite food!!

Oh and don’t forget to serve with a lovely cold white wine!

This post is without pictures as I forgot I took the pic with my camera phone! Dizzy Blonde! I am off out so I will post the picture with my next post on Sunday x

Happy Reading and hopefully Happy Experimenting xx



The Hen Party Series Part 1

Hi all, I’m back at last!! I have been wanting to for ages but now I have been forced into it I thought I should get right back in it!

I fell off the side of a kerb, in true blonde style as my mother says, and badly injured my back. I literally haven’t been able to move for three days. I’m just starting to go stir crazy so today I have been adding new products to my website and eagerly getting through my enquiries for new brides.

I am going to share one of my new products with you today but first I thought I would share a lovely cocktail recipe which is easy to make and can be made whilst all you  girls are getting ready for a fab hen night.

The Raspberry Daiquiri

There is a tartness and sweetness that fuse together just so to make this a beautiful, tasty cocktail.


50 ml light rum

25ml lime juice

2 spoons caster sugar

6 raspberries


Add 5 raspberries, saving one for garnish, along with the caster sugar into a mixing glass and muddle into a paste.

This means to press the ingredients against the glass until it breaks down into a paste therefore releasing the flavours so they mix with the alcohol better. If you don’t have a muddler the end of a wooden spoon will be OK as will the end of a heavy butter knife.

Add the rum and the lime and fill the glass with ice.

Pour into the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.

Double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with raspberry  and any other decoration you wish!

Enjoy them with some canapes before you leave on your big night out or if you are enjoying a girls night in.

There are lots of simple recipes on the internet. When I made my cocktails I tried the following recipe from a blog called Wrapped Up In Rainbows and they are just so simple and tasty.

You can enjoy these treats while dressing the bride up and playing silly games from our fabulous new Hen Party Bags. They are great value for money and lots of fun.



Fabulous filled party bags full of treats for a great night out.

Each bag comes with 15 fun items to help get your night of to a brilliant start. 

 Standard Items include:

Tiara, name tag, scratch a dare cards, truth and dare cards, sweets and lollies,willy straw, a sparkly wand, mini touchable bubbles, neon shot glass, small willy whistle, balloons, badge with funny slogans.

These are the items in the standard bag but items can be changed at our discretion. Just contact us using the contact form and we will rovide a list of alternative items.


The Bride To Be’s bag will contain a cute dress up pack and selfie stick prop pack

When ten bags or more are purchased the bride will receive a relaxing pamper basket containing handmade natural soaps, moisturising shea butters, bath bombs, bath melts, foot soak,candles and more!

*****The contents of this basket is worth at least £20****

hen party 2


hen party

This first Hen Party blog was an introduction to my series and our new line of products.

My next post will be all about picking a theme for your Hen do whether you are planning a full blown weekend away or you are working to a budget there will be plenty of ideas and hints and tips.

Stayed tuned if you are planning your hen party or you are the maid of honour who has been given this daunting task!

Believe me, speaking from experience it is very hard to please all the girls attending. There will always be someone not happy I can assure you!

Happy blogging and wedding planning and see you all soon!

Wedding Giveaway!!

Are you getting married next year? If so this could be just for you!

In April next year my wedding and events planning business will have been going strong for 5 years and in those 5 years we have come a long way creating VIP rooms for the likes of Neil Diamond and Rod Stewart and decorating venues for charities and awards nights for 700 people plus.

To celebrate my 5 years of success I have decided that one of my wedding packages next year should go to a deserving couple absolutely free of charge!

I have never done a giveaway like this before, yes I do a lot of competitions for the smaller aspects of my business but this is my biggest giveaway ever and I hope it goes well!!

We established early on that this wouldn’t be a free for all draw from a hat for everyone that enters every giveaway on Faceboook and Twitter but that it should go to a well deserving couple worthy of having their dream wedding.

The first part of the prize is a full wedding planning service from start to finish (or if you are already halfway through planning from that point on!) This includes a wedding planner on the day looking after your every need with champagne and our wedding day rescue kit to hand!

The second part of the prize is a full venue dressing package from our best package. This includes everything from chair covers to bespoke fresh flower centrepieces, starlit backdrop to our special candy cart, table favours, place cards and table plans. We will take care of it all and it will be personalised to suit your tastes and ideas. We have also decided to throw in a full bouquet package in with this part of the prize which includes the brides bouquet, up to 4 bridesmaids, a flowergirl posy and buttonholes.


Why am I doing this you may wonder.

Well I spend thousands of pounds a year advertising and attending wedding fayres and with lots of competition it can become very demoralising when you come away from an event with no more than a few promises of ‘I will be in touch if I want to use you’ etc.

I’ve found my business comes from a happy bride or event organiser who happily recommends you to friends, family and other businesses.

My aim in this business is to ensure I can provide quality service at a cost that is affordable to the average family/couple. I see this as a win-win situation and if it works I will holding this competition twice a year. Once for a wedding and the second for a charity event. I have made a good living from this industry and I would love to give back to the right people.

How Do I Enter??

You will be here now because you have followed my tweet to this blog. That is the first step. Please follow me and retweet to any brides to be and encourage them to visit my blog.

If you are a bride or groom email me with your story. Your relationship with your fiancé, the proposal, your idea of your dream wedding and why you think you should win this prize.

It would be good to give me the time of year you want to marry so I can give you my available dates.

This competition will run for 30 days and everyone who enters will receive an email with all the rules and information on our judging panel. We will then narrow down our entrants to three and then we will hold a poll on here and Twitter to decide our winner.

During this time we will speak to all our finalists and get to know them so we can help our followers get to know who they are voting for!

We will have weekly updates and lots of tweets promoting this fab competition!

Email me on to register your entry today xxxDSC00719