Twenty-somethings Vs Thirty-somethings


I have been watching this Elle Darby debacle from afar and first thoughts were, yes the hotel owner is completely out of order, but having read the response from Elle I sadly now have a different opinion.

I want start by saying I’m not “trolling” or “Cyberbullying” I am simply giving my opinion as a 35 year old working woman.

Paul Stenson’s reaction was very unprofessional but as I do with all my potential clients, I did some research. It was apparent early on, just a few clicks, that this man has a reputation for calling people out and the approach made by Elle was like taking candy from a baby.

Paul took his chance and ran with it. He has since been featured over many platforms, both print and digital, all for sharing a controversial post he knew the young world of bloggers would jump on.

I use email marketing and social media for my business almost exclusively, I know I’m 35 how dare I!

Having done a bit of research I would have taken a different approach with this business and stayed at the hotel incognito and done an expose on the vile man who runs the place, or found out that it really is a wonderful place and ask him at the end if he would like some exposure. Come on, you’re a professional businesswoman surely you can afford a break away, surely you have a budget set aside for marketing and travelling?


I honestly thought the email came across as unprofessional with little thought put into it. Almost a copy and paste style email I used to send starting out. Asking for a freebie without a conversation over the phone or at least a few email exchanges. To be clear you did ask for asked for FREE accomodation with no mention of a discounted stay.

His reply, while absolutely awful, did have some valid points. I have lent my services to quite a number of bloggers on the understanding I would get fantastic coverage across social media and while I got the odd tweet any bookings came from my own self promotion. In fact the only “influencing” I experienced was bloggers asking for my services for free!! Their budget just can’t stretch that far but they promise long term benefits because their first event will go viral. More out of research and a nice night away, all paid for by me, I do the event.

When I do an event for free it can cost me anything between £100 -£250. In my line of work it is imperative I set aside a budget each year for marketing and offering freebies is a part of that strategy.

Interesting fact. I share my free events, around 6 per year, across two markets, the bloggers and charities and I get so much more interaction and future bookings from the charities I work with. They are so gracious and really understand the costs of me providing my services for free whereas, and I don’t mean to seem harsh here, the blogging community can’t seem to wait to see what is in their goody bag and taking selfies.

Every credit to Elle for having the ball’s to ask for a freebie outright. I personally would have expected a similar response albeit without the nastiness. A polite thanks but no thanks detailing the reasons why would have sufficed, but as I said Paul saw this as an opportunity to turn it into a positive for his hotel.

Regarding the Independent article I completely agree and I have often managed to get free spots at exhibitions and fayres because of my USP and the feature it provides at events, I just think she approached it all wrong without building up a working relationship first.

A media savvy person does their research and I think in this situation Elle unfortunately hasn’t come out on top. At the end of the day this can be put down to a bad day at the office, we all have them, look at the Zoella advent calendar scandal!

I was going to let it go and put it down to the fact that we all make mistakes and she is actually doing very well which I admire in any ambitious person, whatever they are doing.


A little way into her vlog she brings up the fact that any negative comment has come from the over 30’s and yes I have seen the follow up video, oh sorry Vlog, I went old school!!

She says she isn’t ageist but is literally despairing with her head in her hands at “older people” telling us that just because she can work from home at 22 anyone over 30 with a 9-5 job hasn’t aspired to their dreams. You did say that, you can’t deny it. Hey I’m not stupid and times have changed but I know people in their 50’s and 60’s who can run rings around me on Social Media. Never underestimate the older person, they have more life skills, knowledge and experience than any twenty-something or even thirty-something. Don’t get me wrong I did and said some outrageous things in my early twenties and I was always told, remember that in ten years time, your life can change in a day. How true.

I worked from the age of 14 in a bakery, hotels, corner shops saving hard for my dreams. Did I enjoy the 9-5 job, hell yes, it gave me life skills and experience with people from all walks of life and paid for me to live in America. I did this at 18 on my own and travelled the full West Coast and the full bredth of America ending up in New York were sadly I witnessed 9/11. A very sombre time for an 18 year old. Or anyone.

All I have to say is I paid for that whole experience myself and worked while I was there to pay for my experience. I wasn’t sat in my bedroom making Vlogs hoping to get enough hits for a free meal or stay in a hotel.

I have got nothing bad to say about bloggers and vloggers as they really have taken the world by storm, and are at a young age making good money. At least they are not scrounging of the state, but that’s a whole other issue. I know for a fact the hard work that goes into each post, a post that actually makes money anyway.

Without going on anymore, Elle, are you a 22 year old girl or a professional business woman?? Or, are you every time you get called out use anxiety and bullying as an excuse? You didn’t seem to be suffering from anxiety when you were calling out everyone over the age of 30.

Anxiety is not to be taken lightly but I think every time a blogger gets called out the word Anxiety is used several times in each post/vlog/instagram. If I put something out there I expect the comments back either positive or negative and I take them on the chin. Free speech, we all have our own opinion and if you put your opinion out there for the world to see expect a reaction. Personally for me, people suffering anxiety cannot cope with this, Zoella springs to mind in this particular thought. The phrase is used to easily. Accept you have mucked up, move on and stop blaming anyone over the age of 30. I saw some nasty comments don’t get me wrong but you have chosen your line of work and you have to accept the reaction when you have basically insulted over half the population. If this has upset you so much try working in a hotel or behind a shop counter and dealing with your anxiety when you encounter a difficult customer. You can’t hide behind a Vlog and turn of comments then.

I wish all the millenials well and hope you continue to make money but never underestimate the 35 year old events planner and 59 year old plumber. We work our arse off, maybe not to the dizzying heights of the Vloggers, Do we enjoy it? Yes we do (maybe Mario not so much, but who would unblock your toilet!) I’ve enjoyed every minute of my journey and it allows me to leave my bedroom on occasion.



Hollywood….My Opinion

This may be a controversial post for my comeback but here goes…..

Rose McGowan made this comment regarding Bill Cosby

“It was a white cottage industry. Everyone who worked with him are aiding and abetting a crime. These are the fuckers I’m going after”

By that sentiment isn’t that exactly what she has done?? McGowan accepted money in exchange for silence for 20 YEARS.

Just to point out I am not in any way trying to discredit her ordeal nor any other woman who has come forward and I hope justice is finally done for every single woman.

What I am having a problem with is that the elite of Hollywood, both male and female, knew all about this and did absolutely nothing. It is clear at this stage they were not rumours and were complicit in hiding it.

The most powerful people in Hollywood stayed silent whilst young, vulnerable actresses and backstage crew were being abused trying to make a living.

These women don’t make millions, they rely on their pay cheque to live week to week in this affluent area run by celebrities.

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Meryl Streep just name a very small handful. Where were they when it mattered? These people have had powerful and influential voices for many years. Brad Pitt dated and then married 2 actresses who admit to having bad experiences with Harvey Weinstein. I think Angelina Jolie has made the most positive comment when saying that she refused to work with Weinstein ever again and made sure to warn others.

One of the good ones but it wasn’t enough.

These vulnerable women had no voice. They were told to keep quiet or risk losing their respect and job, not just by the ones abusing but by many many well known and respected people throughout Hollywood.

McGowan, for years stopped an expose on the murky world of Hollywood. Why?

Was it so she could get her book finished following her ailing career knowing a scandal like this would catapult it onto the Time number best seller list?

It seems to me she has only found her voice and become a “feminist” in the lead up to this book being released.

I could not stand next to my abuser knowing he is doing the same to many other women and I could not do it with a smile on my face.

If standing up for myself and other women to stop abuse ruined my career then it was never the right path for me.

I think the point I am trying to make is that I think it is disappointing and disgraceful that the most powerful people in Hollywood kept quiet in order to make their millions.

Although it is fantastic that this has all finally been exposed #rosearmy is the wrong platform.

She knew all these women were being abused and stayed silent whilst furthering her career for 20 YEARS.

The other problem is that I feel #rosearmy has turned into a witch hunt condemning every male. and I think soon every man will feel afraid to even say hello to a woman, shake her hand or even give her a little kiss on the cheek to say hello. The more that is coming out the more it will impact genuine male/female friendships in both the real world and the business world without fear of being accused for a slip of a hand or a comment made.

The women who have come forward are so brave and I mean that with all my heart. I haven’t been so brave but please don’t thank Rose McGowan. She was a massive factor in allowing this to go on. She knew for 20 YEARS standing next to a man who was systematically abusing vulnerable women smiling without a care in the world. And now she has a book to promote.

The sexual predators need to be stopped, I am just very saddened that it has taken Rose McGowan, a book deal and 20 years to speak out. At this moment in time Hollywood should be ashamed and embarrassed by what they have helped cover up.

This might not be a popular opinion but is mine.

This is the perfect time to stand up for our club

I have not written a post in a long long time but the situation at my beloved football club has compelled me to write this post.

I have been a Blackpool fan for as long as I can remember attending both home and away. I got my 3 year old nephew interested early on with a season ticket and full kit. Yes his first season was in the Premier League but you can’t hold that against a 3 year old!!

I have attended every play off final and cup match in my lifetime supporting our team all the way.

For the first time in many years I did not attend a single game this season supporting  Blackpool Supporters Trust ethical boycott and have also attended all protests. Now we find ourselves back at Wembley BST gave a somewhat mixed message by announcing on a forum that if the club wants supporters to back the team they should donate the gate sales to charity. This suggests encouraging fans to attend Wembley. I think the proposal was worded wrong but it did however cause some controversy leading people to believe the Committee were looking for an easy out to attend the game!

All season BST have stood by the premise that NAPM and empty seats are the way to send the Oystons and the football world a message, the majority of the fans have stood by that all season. Sunday 28th May is our biggest platform yet and we need to stand our ground.

Although I agree with the gesture, BST have made so much money for charity in the past I think we now need to concentrate our efforts on sending a stronger message.

As well as protesting on Sunday we need to show support to our players. They will be playing at an empty Wembley Stadium with no atmosphere from our fans so the least we can do is show them we are supporting them outside the ground. The players have taken us to Wembley NOT the Oystons.

For a team that has had absolutely no investment in them they have supported the fans and worked hard to prove their worth and drag us out of the black hole the Oystons have left us in.

Stand outside Wembley and protest if we must but we also need our team to know we are behind them and give them that one last boost they need.

The chants of “Oyston Out” fall on deaf ears as I suspect they always have but now we need to come together in a positive way and show them we really are NAPM unless serious changes are made.

This is the perfect opportunity to start building bridges and slowly mending fences. Invest in our team, offer them proper contracts paying realistic wages, as well as adding to the squad with quality players. They can’t do anything about court cases against previous fans (unless they give the money back!) but a public apology and a promise to lay off fans for having an opinion needs to be made. This has been made but I feel it is an empty promise.

Don’t even get me started on the training ground!!

I wouldn’t say I’m an Oyston hater but I am definitely not an Oystonite. I agree that when we won promotion it was an ideal time to recoup some of the investment made over the years, however the way it was done was underhand and unfair to both fans and players. We have had little or no investment since our relegation back into the Championship with players and fans being treated poorly.

Owen insists we reached the Premier League on a somewhat frugal budget (oh apart from the purchase of Charlie Adam courtesy of Belokon!) which is fair enough but he continued down that path paying himself more than the players, losing a quality team as well as managers and almost seemed to enjoy our downfall.

I feel this will happen again. If we win on Sunday he will no doubt take the credit and again insist it was won using little or no money invested in the team so why change a “winning formula”

Instead of rewarding players with proper contracts and realistic wages I fear we will slowly lose our players over the summer to clubs who know how to conduct themselves in a proper manner.

I do understand Owen’ business brain to a certain degree (I can’t believe I’m saying that) but to own a football club you need to have heart and soul with the drive to help your club succeed.

Sadly since the Premier League greed seems to have taken over the Oystons in turn ripping the heart and soul out of the club reaping all the rewards for themselves.

During Blackpool’s decline I think I gave them more of a chance than any of the people I used to go with. After years of fantastic football days out with great friends I gradually found myself sat on my own wondering what the hell I was doing there. I lost my nephew to computer games and Lego once the fun banter with the boys went. I think it became more of a chore to sit with his Auntie watching tumbleweeds.

I have always insisted I will always support one team and one team only and Blackpool took my heart since being a young girl. I have found myself losing all my friends, including my partner to AFC Fylde, listening to their great stories about the match and the wonderful and wacky people they have met. Week in, week out I found myself alone waiting for everyone to come back while I was watching the results but I didn’t waiver, I stood my ground hoping that the Oystons would make a major change.

Watching my friends and hearing their stories made me realise that is what football is all about. Meeting all these characters along the way, making friends to enjoy the experience of supporting our team. For the first time ever I am considering going to AFC Fylde so I can actually enjoy football again and with season tickets for under 16’s only £10 I think it’s time to get my nephew enjoying football again. A day on the train, banter with the boys and some much needed fresh air and football! Blackpool are sadly in danger of losing a generation of fans to AFC Fylde.

Football fans across the country have supported us at our best and worst times so on the 28th May let us stand strong and support the players. Lets stand outside Wembley and thank our players letting the empty stadium speak volumes to the world of football. We were once a sea of tangerine with 37,000 fans and now look at what the Oystons have reduced us to.

This is our chance to send a massive message and hope against hope the Oyston family will finally see the damage they have caused. We were once a great club with some of the most passionate fans in football, a club with character and passion which we deserve to get back.

If all this fails and we fail to deliver our message then we need to up our game to get “Oyston Out” and I will never attend a match while they are in charge.

Owen, you know what you need to do. We are sick to death of hearing your well rehearsed speeches, so much so we can repeat them word for word. Action is what is needed now. Now is the time to man up and show you do actually have a heart for our club.


My Friday Feeling Tea!!

Hi Everyone!

After a couple of weeks of looking after stressed out brides and bridesmaids my Sunday Reading post will be the second in my Hen Party Series and will be about how to plan a stress free hen party. Everyone talks about Wedding Season but these last few weeks I think I have experienced my very own Hen Party Season!

I wouldn’t have it any other way, I just love the feeling I get when I have helped someone with an important part of their special day.

My other passion is cooking and I thought I would fit a quick recipe post in between Party Planning!

I have had a super busy day packing orders, responding to emails and continuing with various stages of wedding planning so when my lovely man told me he fancied a nice home cooked meal, as opposed to our usual quickie Fish Friday at Wetherspoons it was the last thing on my mind…..But my man works so hard (in a very physical job) and is so brilliant to me. He works his own job then comes home and works with me on our business without question and never moans. The least I can do is make sure he has a home cooked meal after a hard days work.

My passion for cooking came from meeting Mr Seaside, before that I was strictly a cocktails and pizza girl but that would never work in this relationship and now I am a career girl/housewife!! The man changed my life and I love him!!

Anyway I digress I just wanted to share the yummy recipe I whipped up because it really was just delicious!

Friday is our fish theme so I popped down to our local market and treated us to tuna steaks from the fish counter. I am also Budget Girl so this really was a treat. i then used the rest of our local shops to buy the veg, salad and of course the wine! I believe in using local businesses and supporting them.

Anyway here is the recipe for my marinated tuna steak!


2 tuna steaks (if you are on a budget Iceland do them for a good price frozen)


For Marinade

60mls orange juice

60mls soy sauce

2 tbsp parsley

1/2 tsp oregano

1 tbsp lemon juice

Black pepper to taste


Mix all the marinade ingredients and place in large dish. Add tuna and turn a couple of times to coat. Place in fridge for at least 30 mins.

While this is in the fridge I like to prepare a salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Here’s how I do it.

Cut up finely any salad items you want to add and then mix the following for the dressing;

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard (add more according to taste)

1tsp honey (again add more to taste)

salt and pepper

Mix together in a bottle or use whisk and drizzle over salad.

Once tuna is ready add a little oil to a frying pan and add tuna, fry for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Turn over and baste with the marinade and fry for a further 3-5 mins.

Your meal  is now ready!! Serve with new potatoes and salad. To make it extra tasty add salt and butter to your potatoes…..YUMMY!

The lovely Mr Seaside more than approved and so did our cat!! Gourmet meal for Beau. I also made too many potatoes much to our chickens delight, seems to be their favourite food!!

Oh and don’t forget to serve with a lovely cold white wine!

This post is without pictures as I forgot I took the pic with my camera phone! Dizzy Blonde! I am off out so I will post the picture with my next post on Sunday x

Happy Reading and hopefully Happy Experimenting xx



The Hen Party Series Part 1

Hi all, I’m back at last!! I have been wanting to for ages but now I have been forced into it I thought I should get right back in it!

I fell off the side of a kerb, in true blonde style as my mother says, and badly injured my back. I literally haven’t been able to move for three days. I’m just starting to go stir crazy so today I have been adding new products to my website and eagerly getting through my enquiries for new brides.

I am going to share one of my new products with you today but first I thought I would share a lovely cocktail recipe which is easy to make and can be made whilst all you  girls are getting ready for a fab hen night.

The Raspberry Daiquiri

There is a tartness and sweetness that fuse together just so to make this a beautiful, tasty cocktail.


50 ml light rum

25ml lime juice

2 spoons caster sugar

6 raspberries


Add 5 raspberries, saving one for garnish, along with the caster sugar into a mixing glass and muddle into a paste.

This means to press the ingredients against the glass until it breaks down into a paste therefore releasing the flavours so they mix with the alcohol better. If you don’t have a muddler the end of a wooden spoon will be OK as will the end of a heavy butter knife.

Add the rum and the lime and fill the glass with ice.

Pour into the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.

Double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with raspberry  and any other decoration you wish!

Enjoy them with some canapes before you leave on your big night out or if you are enjoying a girls night in.

There are lots of simple recipes on the internet. When I made my cocktails I tried the following recipe from a blog called Wrapped Up In Rainbows and they are just so simple and tasty.

You can enjoy these treats while dressing the bride up and playing silly games from our fabulous new Hen Party Bags. They are great value for money and lots of fun.



Fabulous filled party bags full of treats for a great night out.

Each bag comes with 15 fun items to help get your night of to a brilliant start. 

 Standard Items include:

Tiara, name tag, scratch a dare cards, truth and dare cards, sweets and lollies,willy straw, a sparkly wand, mini touchable bubbles, neon shot glass, small willy whistle, balloons, badge with funny slogans.

These are the items in the standard bag but items can be changed at our discretion. Just contact us using the contact form and we will rovide a list of alternative items.


The Bride To Be’s bag will contain a cute dress up pack and selfie stick prop pack

When ten bags or more are purchased the bride will receive a relaxing pamper basket containing handmade natural soaps, moisturising shea butters, bath bombs, bath melts, foot soak,candles and more!

*****The contents of this basket is worth at least £20****

hen party 2


hen party

This first Hen Party blog was an introduction to my series and our new line of products.

My next post will be all about picking a theme for your Hen do whether you are planning a full blown weekend away or you are working to a budget there will be plenty of ideas and hints and tips.

Stayed tuned if you are planning your hen party or you are the maid of honour who has been given this daunting task!

Believe me, speaking from experience it is very hard to please all the girls attending. There will always be someone not happy I can assure you!

Happy blogging and wedding planning and see you all soon!

A Recipe for Potstickers

I had often wondered what potstickers were, turns out they are just Chinese dumplings and are, in fact really easy to make!

Don’t be daunted by the long list of ingredients, once you have all the ingredients in front of you its super easy.

For the filling

1/2lb minced pork (about 225gm)

Finely chopped spring onions ( I usually use a whole bunch)

2tbs finely chopped red pepper

1 egg

1tsp mustard

2tsp ketchup

2tsp Worcestershire sauce

1tsp brown sugar

1 1/2tsp salt

1/2tsp black pepper

1/4tsp cayenne pepper

3/4tsp oil

250mls chicken stock

For the dough

285g all purpose flour

150-170mls boiled water

1tsp salt

To make the dough

Mix the flour and salt together and create a well in the middle.

Add 150ml of the water slowly, mixing with a wooden spoon, you can always add more water if the mix is too dry or more flour if its too sticky.

Knead into a ball and then carry in kneading well for two minutes.

Wrap in clingfilm and allow to rest for 1 hour. I always mix the filling here.

Roll out the dough as thinly as possible. I out it through my pasta machine but rolling it out thinly works too!

on a floured surface cut out rounds using a 4 inch cookie cutter.DSC00911.JPG

For The Filling and making the dumpling

Basically just mix all the ingredients apart from the oil and chicken stock. Season well.

Take a dumpling round and brush the edges with water and add half a teaspoon of the mixture to the centre.

DSC00913Fold over and seal at the edges. Repeat until all the dough and mixture has been used, covering the completed dumplings with a damp towel.

Put the oven on at 95 degrees, this is a cool oven and make your chicken stock up. You will use this in three lots so use about 83mls at a time.

Heat a frying pan and add your oil. Place around 8-10 dumplings in the pan, leaving the rest under the towel. Heat for 2 minutes without touching them! Its good to use a good non stick pan. My first attempt with a bad pan was terrible!

After 2 minutes add a third of the stock and cover them. Leave for 2 minutes.

Remove and place on a baking tray and place inn the oven to keep warm.

Clean the pan and repeat the process until all the potstickers/ dumplings are done.

Serve immediately.

potsticker172You can make a dipping sauce using 1tbs chilli oil, 1tbs of soy sauce and 1tsp rice vinegar. Just mix together and adjust to suit your taste.

They are great little snacks for family or friends.

Its worth noting that you can make the dough one day ahead and refrigerate if entertaining, in fact I normally make both the dough and the mix a day ahead then the actual cooking time is minimal. I have more time to enjoy a cocktail or two with my friends!

I’m going to have a practice with more Chinese style dishes and host a little dinner party to review my new cooking skills!

Simply Bowie

I have realised today that you don’t truly know how influential someone is until they are gone.

I think today is a day everyone will know where the were when they found out the legend David Bowie had died.

I was mid argument with my boyfriend in the kitchen and I switched off the radio because he wasn’t listening. He was in the middle of having a go back because he liked that song (told you he wasn’t listening!) when he stopped and told me to turn it back on. Why have they just played 3 David Bowie songs in a row he asked. He already knew the answer Switching the radio back on confirmed what he had first thought.

I rarely get upset about famous peoples deaths, I save my emotions for my family and close friends.  But this was different.

The argument was forgotten in a second as we were shocked into silence. I got quite emotional much to my surprise and I spent the rest of the day figuring out why I was so upset over the death of a singer.

David Bowie was more than just a singer. He inspired more people in this world than he probably ever thought possible all those years ago.

At this point you should probably know a bit more about me and my man. I am a 33 year old, sometimes “girly girl”, sometimes “ladette”(as my best friend calls me!) I am into all the frothy pop, I watch X factor, Britain’s Got Talent, you get the drift! I still like all the classics as my mum always had the record player on at home for me and my sister to dance to.

Mr Seaside is a bit older than me, I won’t tell you how much older! He grew up with David Bowie from the beginning, he is a music buff and the Popmaster king. He hates all the modern stuff, so in that sense we are polar opposites! We fight over 6 Music and Heart FM on a daily basis.

For Mr Seaside the loss of David Bowie is a shock because he has grown up with every great song ever released throughout the decades, he has lived each great moment in his epic career and I’m sure he has a memory for every song. There hasn’t been a time in his life without a David Bowie record.

For me its a bit different. I wasn’t there for all the greats and didn’t live through it but obviously you don’t get through life without listening to his records.

The first time I took an interest in Bowie was when I watched the film Labryinth. No one else I know has ever watched it which I can’t believe but I found it fascinating. I just loved him  in the film and his career. I couldn’t help admire his confidence and the fact he followed his own path, even from such a young age I knew I wanted to be as confident as him.

I have had a crap year and been judged more than you could ever know. I have always been a very strong, confident opinionated person. I make my own mind up and quite often take a different path to most people. Sometimes to my advantage and sometimes not. (not everyone likes a strongwilled woman!) The point I am making is that David Bowie was a massive influence on the person I have become.

When I am going through bad times I always look to strong, independent, confident people to bring me out of it and remind myself who I should be.

I admire him in life and now death for his strength and dignity. I admire him even more for the absolute class and bold confidence in which he lived his life.

David Bowie was strong, confident and had amazing character. He showed everybody in this world that we can be anything we want to be.


RIP David Bowie










A Christmas Canape Recipe!

Hi all! I am in the middle of writing some more of my New York Diary pieces, but in the meantime I thought I would share some of the Christmas canapé recipes I am experimenting with!

I know there are some fantastic products at Iceland, but for those who like to cook this is a great sausage roll recipe which received high praise from both my lovely Mr Seaside and my very best friend.

(I must admit I had a half hour strolling around Iceland and very nearly gave in to the easy option. Look blinkin great, very affordable and easy if you have a lot of people at a party. I am certainly having a cocktail party night with the stuff they have in at the moment for a night off!)

Anyhow, here is the recipe for my sausage rolls, it’s easier than you think. I use ready made pastry!

Here Goes……


30g butter

100g mushrooms (very finely chopped)

1 tbps Worcestershire Sauce

1tbap Tabasco

1 tbsp thyme

450g sausage meat (you can squeeze it out of fresh sausages, messy but YUMMY!)  Tip: go to your local butcher and get your favourite sausage, you won’t regret it.

Ready rolled puff pastry. If you have the perfect recipe use it. If not, get ready rolled and roll it out and thin it out a bit. (I use ready made! My hands aren’t cold enough!)

Salt and Pepper , Oh one beaten egg (I forgot!!)


Preaheat oven to gas mark 6


Melt butter and fry the mushrooms in a frying pan until soft.

Transfer to a bowl.

Mix all of the other ingredients together, Mix very well!!

Don’t forget to season!!

Roll out pastry, use as much flour as needed to stop it sticking, It won’t ruin it and it won’t stick.

Cut and lay the meat as follows.


Then roll up and put the join facing down on the baking tray and with a knife make joins along the pastry to mark out each individual roll like soSausage-Rolls-before-cooked

Make sure you don’t cut all the way through, this is done afterwards. Using a beaten egg brush the roll and repeat the process for as many rolls as you want or as far as the meat will stretch!

Bake for about 25 minutes until the rolls are a lovely golden brown.

Remove from the oven and cut into mini rolls once cooled.



These can be made in advance so there is no rushing about before your guests arrive! The best kinds of recipes.

I have been experimenting with more canapés today so I will be adding the recipes tomorrow and will finish with some fab Christmas cocktails (I’m looking forward to that tasting evening!) and a post about hosting the perfect Christmas party stress free!

See you all soon!


Finding The Best Place On Your Last Night!!

After a month of research, making itineraries, budget spreasheets etc before our break to New York, we finally arrived and had a fabulous time based on all my planning and research. As is always the case though, on our final night we decided to take a little wander and we stumbled upon a fabulous pub and we had the best night ever!

I had based my research project on doing everything on a budget and seeing how cheap we could do everything for.., Don’t judge me, it’s a challenge I set myself wherever we go. You don’t need loads of money to  have a great time.

We visited loads of places that I included in my lovely, little black notebook containing all things New York, all of which you will read about over time, but it was this lovely place that we came across that beat all the rest!

It was the last night and we were trying to find Perry Street in the West Village. Carrie’s apartment from Sex Of The City. I was looking, Mr Seaside was pretending to be mildly interested!! Sex and The City fan he is not!!

As usual I took a wrong turn (I will tell you about the Lake District fiasco this weekend someday!!) and we ended up on Mcdougal St (Google is a better friend than I am when it comes to directions, 109 Mcdougal St)

The bar was Off The Wagon. It was a Monday night but the beer was $1 and every sport imaginable was on the TV. We sat down and enjoyed people watching, blokes cheering on the football, the ice hockey, basically any sport available and, the locals playing beerpong like they were playing premier league football!!

As the beer and whisky chasers flowed we got talking to many of the locals who are always a sucker for an English accent and we learnt how to play the fabulous game of beer pong!

We had a fantastic night and managed to forget the -12 degree weather outside, before we knew it, it was 2am and we were being taken on a tour of Greenwich Village by the locals!

We collapsed on our bed at sometime around 5am dreading having to pack in a few hours time!

Our last night was brilliant and we really did experience the City That Never Sleeps that night!

If you are in New York for work or play I recommend visiting this pub if you want cheap drinks and great atmosphere with local people.



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I keep promising my diaries from my New York adventures and although this isn’t from the very beginning this memory made me laugh out loud today!!

Those who follow me on various social media will know I’ve been to my beloved New York on two occasions, once in 2001 where I witnessed 9/11 and again last year. New York has been my love affair for as long as I can remember and last year made me fall back in love all over again.

You will see in time my journey to New York the first time I was there and you will see why I love it so very very much.

This story however is from a day in the middle of our week long trip during a freezing cold January in 2014.

I planned the trip based on a mutual love of budgeting and getting everything as cheap as possible, hence a -12 degrees welcome and a folder full of money saving activities and happy hour bars! (more about that in my New York Diaries)

I chose a hotel on the Upper west Side as it was very good value and myself and Mr Seaside love walking and travelling so didn’t mind the walking and using the subway to the trendy downtown areas.

Anyhow, I digress as usual! After a morning of freezing cold sightseeing in Times Square I navigated us to the free ferry to Staten Island. I figured the ferry trip would not only bring back memories of Working Girl with the wonderful “9 till 5” soundtrack, which I do indeed adore but also that we could see the more than fabulous skyline of New York City.

We sat on the ferry, freezing, taking photos and not expecting much at the other end but we had to wait for the next ferry back (thinking it would be rude to go straight back, we had come from England!) A few blocks up we stumbled upon a little café.

The Everything Goes Book Café. A wonderful little corner of the world! We warmed up, had a cup of tea and watched the locals (we are people watchers!) It was then we decided, sod Manhattan, lets have a night out in Staten Island.

We travelled back up to the Upper West via ferry, subway and foot to refresh, eat and ….what else would we do!?

Anyhow the same trip back, Mr Seaside assuring me it was just to get a shot of the skyline at night.

It was only ever going to end up in a bar with the excuse of warming up!!

Pier 76 to be exact. I ordered a Bud, he went all out and had a vodka, Mr Seaside, English accent and a football fan sat at the bar……………….The vodka kept on coming!!! They loved him. We didn’t pay for another drink and by five to twelve I realised we had to run for the ferry.

Hmmmmm. he seemed ok sat at the bar, bear in mind I’m like that on a weekly basis but on holiday I am Little Miss Sensible!!

Five to twelve at a bar, last ferry about to set off…………………………………….

Pi%$%^d up boyfriend ………..He really is paying me back for having to take me up the road the “very odd” occasion in an intoxicated state!

I managed a Supergirl stunt to get him to the ferry when his legs didn’t work and laid him down to rest so I could see the night sky line we both wanted to see.

When Mr Seaside drifted of on a bench I wandered to the front of the ferry to take in the magnificent view heading back and yes I got distracted and forgot about the other half!!! There are many interesting people on a ferry at 12 am in New York!

When I realised I forgot my beloved, he was just rousing from his “sleep” and wondering where he was and wondering where the love of his life was!!!

That was just the beginning, just getting him off the ferry was a task!

I then had to navigate the subway from one end of Manhattan to the other at 12.30 at night. With a very drunk boyfriend!

I have never had so much fun. I had so much fun its a whole new post!!!!!!

I eventually got Mr Seaside back to our hotel in -12 conditions but I look back on that day and laugh so much every time. We were freezing and drunk but we were in New York and we made it with so many laughs on the way!!