Coming alive again…

I am back. Back from a few weeks of almost falling into a very deep depression. I have been through a lot this year, which I won’t bore you with, but I have always come back fighting and strong.

However just recently I’ve just felt that I have been knocked down at every turn and no one has fought my corner (apart from my beautiful partner)

My low point was when I was sitting at my local pub, heading my quiz team and then breaking down in tears for no apparent reason. I was sat at the bar, everyone knows me and listened to my complete meltdown. I am normally the life and soul of anywhere (without being bigheaded) so this was very unusual.

We didn’t win by the way!!

I went home, put on Elf (always makes you smile!), opened a bottle of wine and browsed the internet as I always do.

I accidently came across an interview with Rachel Weisz which has changed the way I think. This is what she said ……

“Things have become too glossy for women. We have to be ‘likeable’, which is not very likeable at all.It’s hard to like someone who’s just sweet. You want a real person, one who irritates you and mystifies you and frustrates you and makes you cry. You want everything from a character. Not to just stand there and look nice. Likeability is code for ‘Shut up and look good’.”

I know she is talking about the movie world and getting jobs but I took this and used it in my situation and it was as true there as it was in Hollywood.

Everyone knows me, really everyone! I am annoying, opinionated, crazy if you like. But.. I care about everyone I know and will do anything for anyone.

I walk into my local and people love me or hate me. I am a self made woman, I dress to impress, I stand my ground, I am opinionated, I infuriate people but I love my special people and that will never change, no matter what others say.

I am Real and I am here!!

Be true to yourself and if people don’t like it, I know what  I would say!!


This is me back, better than before!!



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