Coming alive again…

I am back. Back from a few weeks of almost falling into a very deep depression. I have been through a lot this year, which I won’t bore you with, but I have always come back fighting and strong.

However just recently I’ve just felt that I have been knocked down at every turn and no one has fought my corner (apart from my beautiful partner)

My low point was when I was sitting at my local pub, heading my quiz team and then breaking down in tears for no apparent reason. I was sat at the bar, everyone knows me and listened to my complete meltdown. I am normally the life and soul of anywhere (without being bigheaded) so this was very unusual.

We didn’t win by the way!!

I went home, put on Elf (always makes you smile!), opened a bottle of wine and browsed the internet as I always do.

I accidently came across an interview with Rachel Weisz which has changed the way I think. This is what she said ……

“Things have become too glossy for women. We have to be ‘likeable’, which is not very likeable at all.It’s hard to like someone who’s just sweet. You want a real person, one who irritates you and mystifies you and frustrates you and makes you cry. You want everything from a character. Not to just stand there and look nice. Likeability is code for ‘Shut up and look good’.”

I know she is talking about the movie world and getting jobs but I took this and used it in my situation and it was as true there as it was in Hollywood.

Everyone knows me, really everyone! I am annoying, opinionated, crazy if you like. But.. I care about everyone I know and will do anything for anyone.

I walk into my local and people love me or hate me. I am a self made woman, I dress to impress, I stand my ground, I am opinionated, I infuriate people but I love my special people and that will never change, no matter what others say.

I am Real and I am here!!

Be true to yourself and if people don’t like it, I know what  I would say!!


This is me back, better than before!!



Finding The Best Place On Your Last Night!!

After a month of research, making itineraries, budget spreasheets etc before our break to New York, we finally arrived and had a fabulous time based on all my planning and research. As is always the case though, on our final night we decided to take a little wander and we stumbled upon a fabulous pub and we had the best night ever!

I had based my research project on doing everything on a budget and seeing how cheap we could do everything for.., Don’t judge me, it’s a challenge I set myself wherever we go. You don’t need loads of money to  have a great time.

We visited loads of places that I included in my lovely, little black notebook containing all things New York, all of which you will read about over time, but it was this lovely place that we came across that beat all the rest!

It was the last night and we were trying to find Perry Street in the West Village. Carrie’s apartment from Sex Of The City. I was looking, Mr Seaside was pretending to be mildly interested!! Sex and The City fan he is not!!

As usual I took a wrong turn (I will tell you about the Lake District fiasco this weekend someday!!) and we ended up on Mcdougal St (Google is a better friend than I am when it comes to directions, 109 Mcdougal St)

The bar was Off The Wagon. It was a Monday night but the beer was $1 and every sport imaginable was on the TV. We sat down and enjoyed people watching, blokes cheering on the football, the ice hockey, basically any sport available and, the locals playing beerpong like they were playing premier league football!!

As the beer and whisky chasers flowed we got talking to many of the locals who are always a sucker for an English accent and we learnt how to play the fabulous game of beer pong!

We had a fantastic night and managed to forget the -12 degree weather outside, before we knew it, it was 2am and we were being taken on a tour of Greenwich Village by the locals!

We collapsed on our bed at sometime around 5am dreading having to pack in a few hours time!

Our last night was brilliant and we really did experience the City That Never Sleeps that night!

If you are in New York for work or play I recommend visiting this pub if you want cheap drinks and great atmosphere with local people.