Fun At Work!!

I’ve been doing my photo shoot and recipe testing today for my Halloween Party In a Box and I have had so much fun!!

I thought I would share my photos and my fave recipe with you all as I was rather surprised at how good it turned out!

This recipe is for “Jack O Lantern Stuffed Peppers



6 Orange peppers

1lb of lean minced beef

1 onion, diced

6 mushrooms, diced (optional)

1 Jar of passata

Worcestershire sauce


Chilli powder (optional)

Salt and pepper


( I bought a packet of spicy rice and it tasted yummy)

a handful of grated cheese (optional)


Cook the rice according to the instructions on the packet

Preheat the oven to gas mark 9 and hollow out the peppers, carving out jack o lanterns faces in each one.

Heat some oil in a pan and season the mince with salt and pepper, brown in the pan and add the onions and mushrooms

Add the passata, paprika, worcestershire sauce and chilli powder ( add according to taste) and simmer for 20 minutes

Mix the rice and beef together and spoon equally into each pepper, top with grated cheese if wanted

Replace the lids and bake for 10 to 15 minutes until the peppers are soft

TIP: you can even out the bottom of each pepper by slicing them slightly to stand straight.


After I made these I decorated my back room with all my fabulous Halloween decorations to take my photos and here are the results


I am so excited to launch my Party In A Box and I hope everyone else is, I have so much fun planning it and getting it all together.

Each box will include the following for 18 people

Plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths

Plastic cutlery and serving trays

Table centrepieces with confetti

Garlands and banners

Room decorating Kit

Spider web decorations

Party Planning book with hints, tips and recipes

All this for £27.99

Get in touch if you want this box delivering to you ready for your Halloween extravaganza!!

This week I will  be trying spider cookies and eyeball pasta!!


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