New York, New York

I’ve decided to go off on a tangent for my next few blogs, over time you will notice this a lot, but whatever happens I’m sure we will have lots of fun!!

Last year, January to be precise, Mr S and I decided we just had to visit New York City. I had visited before but he hadn’t so I jumped at the opportunity to take my special man there.

The last time I was there it was on the way home from having a spell living and travelling in the USA. The last stop was my beloved New York, a place I had dreamed of visiting since I had been a young girl.

The day I arrived was September 11th 2001, the saddest day of my entire life. Since returning home I have always vowed to go back, not only to pay my respects to those who perished that awful day but to give New York the love and joy  it so thoroughly deserves.

It just seemed so right to take Mr S with me on this journey. America has a special place in both our hearts so it seemed perfect.

It was only when having a clear out and I found my “New York Planning” notebook ( I am obsessed with notebooks and planning!) that I decided to share our wonderful memories,.. and what better way than my brand new blog!

I planned for weeks and weeks beforehand, looking at places to go, reviews, costings etc. (we did it on a budget!) and then I kept a diary of everywhere we went, our reviews and opinions and how much it cost us. (I told you I was obsessed!)

I want to share my incredible week with you all and hope you get something out of it. I won’t bombard you, I will do it in 3 series, so stayed tuned in and hopefully you will enjoy my diary of a week in New York City,

Enjoy my lovelies, much as I enjoy reading your adventures in life xxx



A Little Bit About Me!

Before I jump straight into this new blogging world I thought it best to share a little bit about me so you can all get to know me a little!

Firstly I plan weddings and events, I work all over the North West and have been know to occasionally pop down south for work. My job is my passion in life and I am known to be in constant work mode. If an idea pops into my head my trusty notebook comes out and that’s me lost in thought for the next hour or so! Mr Seaside has become used to this quirk about me and happily lets me get on whilst he catches up with all the football/cricket/tennis (basically any sport!) news on his phone.

I will be sharing lots of pictures of my work here, mainly because I love looking at how a room looks when I finish it but also because I’m a wannabe photographer. I’m pretty rubbish at the moment but I hope to get better using my new camera and not just my phone! Feedback is always appreciated!

My other passion in life is my lovely Mr Seaside and my life at home with him.

He is the most amazing, supportive partner you could ever wish for and never once moans when I drag him to help me set up an event for 500 people when he has just finished his long hard job!

We have lots of fun together looking after our mixture of pets, walking in the lakes and general cosiness together.

What do I like to do in my spare time? I don’t have much of it but I do love walking and camping in the Lake District.

Its fantastic being so close so we do spend a bit of time there. I will be sharing lots of photos and walking stories with you.

Some stories verge on the ridiculous, with Mr Seaside being very adventurous and I…, well I am not! I have found myself in some absolutely stupid situations, which looking back are now rather hilarious, and so are the photos that accompany them!

Look out for Little Miss Seaside goes Camping in the near future!

My other hobby is cooking. This is a surprising one for me as I was always the eternal party girl, I was happy living of cocktails and ready meals!

Since settling down I’ve realised the old cliché “The way to a mans heart is through is stomach” is definitely true! Mr Seaside is never happier than when he comes home to a home cooked meal.

After learning the basics I began to really enjoy creating recipes and now its become one of my favourite things to do, whilst helping me relax! I often have cooking competitions with my friend who sees himself as an eccentric Jamie Oliver! Mr S is always the judge which I don’t think he minds one bit.

So that’s it, a little bit about me or maybe more than you wanted to know! I don’t know what bracket to put this blog in. I will be writing about my life, what I get up to at work, my days out walking, my cooking adventures etc. I also want to put my business out there about more which I won’t lie about. I think this is a more interesting way of doing it. I’ve come to really enjoy reading peoples blogs and what they get up to, I’ve found myself looking forward to reading peoples adventures on a daily basis.

What it definitely is not is a beauty blog, I am terrible at applying make up, doing my hair, painting nails etc. I look to other peoples blogs to help me!

I suppose it could be called a lifestyle blog as I will blogging about my lifestyle. I just hope I can make it fun for people to read and as time goes on I can make it my own and have lots of fun with it!  I am sure it will develop its own personality over time.

Right, the sun is out, I’ve finally written my first post, I think a little walk down to the seaside to enjoy a lovely glass of wine is the order of the day!!